Easy Steps to Get Rid of Cellulite

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Unfortunately, cellulite has become a very difficult problem to solve in the weight loss arena. Cellulite are cells of fat which have basically bulged into the middlemost layer of the skin, which is your dermis.

I found out that ninety percent of Women have cellulite. According to a medical experts, cellulite create an unpleasant and unappealing rumpled skin surface.

The areas that are most targeted by cellulite are usually the backs of thighs.

I also found out from my researches that the sooner you can start your treatment to remove it, the greater your success of eliminating cellulite.

In order to treat cellulite, I recommend that you create a plan to help rehydrate your cells and strengthen your body’s system.

Here a few things that I would recommend:

1. Start on a home detoxification diet. This means eating foods that are healthy like fruits and vegetables, choosing organic foods when possible.

2. Cut off junk food in your diet, processed goods and saturated fats such as butter and animal fats.

3. Don’t smoke tobacco and cigarettes and avoid drinking alcohol which are toxins in your body. You may be surprised by this, but, marijuana may be useful. Get yourself a rosin press and squeeze out the oil from the buds. Then, all you have to do is rub it on your cellulite and it’ll vastly improve the area.

4. Consume large amounts of fluids to rehydrate your body and remove dangerous compounds in your body. Consume 8 to 10 glasses per day.

5. Studies show that brushing your skin will help unclog the flow of blood and lymph vessels promoting new cell growth and removes dead skin cells. It is another inexpensive way of detoxifying your body.

6. Keep up with your ideal body weight.

7. Supplement your diet with Glucosamine tablets because these can assist in repairing the middle layer of your skin and your connective tissues.

8. Take a bath using a soothing, lukewarm bath in seaweed to promote mineralization and increase circulation of your blood. Do this 3x a week.

9. Don’t consider liposuction because it can actually make your problem worse.

10. You must not do massages using high-pressure because these can damage your lymphatic function and the micro-circulation of your blood. Avoid strenuous exercises as well.

Lose Those Man Boobs!

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I know the feeling of being embarrassed by friends and relatives that I have man boobs. I wanted to know how to loose man boobs permanently! Whenever we went for a swimming or I have to take my shirt off I would rather die than continue being humiliated.

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of man boobs. We shall show you here some of the best ways to lose man boobs.

Four major concerns

1. Balanced Hormone levels
2. Diet
3. Chest Exercise
4. Cardio Workouts

Most of the fat that transfers to our chest are from foods that bring in too much cholesterol in our body. These includes cheeseburgers, fries, hotdogs, steaks, beefs, porks and foods with high sugar content.

Balanced Hormonal levels

Hormones are the main reason why some thin persons have man boobs. In order to loose man boobs, you need to maintain and control your hormonal levels. Testosterone is good, while you are at your 20s you have lots of it. When you get older, you may develop gynecomastia if your testosterone levels drops.

You would then need to increase this hormone and watch out for dangerous hormones that could actually increase the size of your man boobs.

Learn Anaerobic Exercises

There are many exercises and training available to get rid of man boobs. But probably the best starter exercise to begin with is the incline bench press.

The incline bench press is very good in getting rid of chest fat because it is targeted to this muscle group, the pectorals muscles.

Instructions in performing the inclined bench press. First and foremost make sure you have properly prepared yourself together with the proper equipment and guide to help you.

You have to comfortably lie on your back lying on the incline bench. Carefully, dismount the barbell from the rack using a wide oblique overhand grip.

Slowly lift the barbell and extend arms. Repeat. Stop when you cannot lift the weights anymore. Hold and extend your arms for a few seconds and slowly return the barbell back to the rack.

Take note that the grip should not be too wide.

Add Turmeric into your Diet

Turmeric is an Indian spice that has been proven to have an anti-tumor and antioxidant effect to your body. Unlike most foods, Turmeric has been proven to target and eliminate fat from your body.

Avoid simple sugars in your diet.

In order to learn how to loose man boobs, you need to cut on your intake of simple carbohydrates like white sugar, white rice and white bread. They increase the chance of these foods turning into fat.

Have 3 meals and 3 snacks a day

Increasing your intake and dividing your meals speeds up your metabolism. This will generally increase the consumption and burning of fats in your body and will decrease your chance of storing body fat.

Avoid Long Cardio workouts

Long cardio workouts are actually counterproductive because it releases hormones that are not beneficial into burning fats. This hormones cortisol and progesterone are actually bad hormones and will increase your bodies storage of fat.

Shorter More Rigorous cardio exercise is Best

Having been said that shorter exercises are more advantageous. It is best to engage in some sort of sports activity because these activities promote the start/stop activity that will help speed up your metabolism.

I wanted to show you how to loose man boobs permanently and I hope that you will encounter the same results with me. Good luck.

Should You Be Using Protein While Trying to Lose Weight?

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Protein powders seem to be craze nowadays, typically with athletes, bodybuilders and even the casual gym-goers. But in terms of losing weight do you need it? Do you need it for muscle building? Yes and No

If you are trying to lose weight, you most certainly do not protein powder. But can you still take it? Yes you can, and many people take it as a meal replacement. It’s not the greatest of an idea though as you may be losing out on key nutrients in the process. As always though, first speak with a doctor so that you are getting the most accurate information and that you are being monitored.

That being said, you do need to exercise in order to lose weight. After a workout, though, your body is in serious need of protein. This is because the process of exercising involves the ripping of muscle tissue. In order for the muscle tissue to grow back and repair itself, the body needs protein. This is where protein powder comes in to play.

There are many to choose from but protein powders are not all created alike. Neither in quality, ingredients and taste.

Onnit Hemp Force

I’m a strong supporter of anything by Joe Rogan and Hemp Force is no different. Granted, the price is a tad high, and you may find some other hemp protein for less, but Onnit is renowned for having quality ingredients and the taste is much better than any other hemp protein on the market. Hemp protein does have some limitations in certain areas and that is why Hemp Force includes pea protein as well to make it a complete package and also vegan friendly.

Musclepharm Combat Protein

The reason why Musclepharm’s Combat Protein is much cheaper than Onnit’s Hemp Force is because it is made from whey protein. Although whey protein is the most common form of protein on the market, it’s not necessarily the best for you. Derived from dairy, it has been known to cause upset stomach or bloating and gas for some users who are either lactose intolerant, or those that have a slight intolerance.

The great thing about it though is its taste, its price, and the addition of branch chained amino acids that give you that extra amount of nutrition to lead a healthy lifestyle.

How to get rock hard abs Fast

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You see them everywhere, you them in beaches, movies, and in most celebrities. Does getting rock hard abs limited to a few individuals only? I believe not. Read on to find out more on how to get rock hard abs.

To get six pack abs is a misnomer, you already have it. But, it’s either underdeveloped (small muscles) or they are covered with fat.

What we have to consider first is to remove the fat (belly fat) that is covering your midsection.

Working out your abs would not in anyway show your six pack abs if there are layers and layers of fat covering it.

We must therefore lose fat first then work on our way of building a six pack abs.

Developing rock hard abs is not limited to genetically gifted individuals but to people who are willing to take action.

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Steps to make to get hard rock abs.

1. You need to lose fat and set your target weight. Lose only about a pound per week. It is unfortunate to consider losing fat in the midsection because you would need to shed your body fat because it cannot be targeted.

As a general rule, if you need to lose 1 lb of body fat, you would then need to lose 3,500 calories from your intake. I suggest that you decrease your caloric intake daily of 500 calories a day. And if you have continued it you would have lost a pound in 1 week.

2. Exercise on an empty stomach. Doing anaerobic exercise at your optimal fat burning zone will hasten your fat loss. Optimal fat burning is when your heart rate is at a constant rate. It has been found out that this allows 2 methods of fat burning from 2 sources:

The first source is stored body fat *Important in removing fat in unwanted body areas.

The second source is glycogen (this is the one that is converted and packaged as carbohydrates.)

How to lose the fat in your thigh easily?

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It’s easier than you thought. Diminish your large set of thighs and create a new you by buffing different spots of your thighs.

It is a scientific fact that girls store fat in hips, thighs and buns differently. It makes removing fat from these areas more difficult.

These areas have alpha- receptors and these receptors are providing a metabolic road-block that prevents the fat-burning hormones in targeting this areas.

Proper knowledge is required to lose fat thigh.

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There not one but three targeted areas that must be addressed. For you to have a well buffed thighs, you just have to work out its every angle.

The three thighs areas: hamstrings, hip adductors, and quadriceps. Different working out schemes can be applied to your thigh’s 3 vital parts.

Effective Quadriceps exercises that will surely eliminate unwanted thigh bulges.

Follow this simple exercises.

Rise up straight, maintain your feet’s normal distance. Keep up your straight position then slowly step towards left slightly bending your knee. Gently sweep your foot back to your normal position.

Same routine goes to your right side. Keep doing this work out for about five up to ten times on both sides.

Steps on how to buff your hamstrings and get rid of thigh’s annoying fats.
Lying leg curl – Lying face down on a bench, bend your legs back towards your buttocks. Doing this with a cable attached to your feet works well. Do several repetitions of this, until your hamstrings grow fatigued.

Change your diet and workout plan

Improper diet could actually increase the build up of fat in your unwanted areas like your thighs and hips. You need to actuallt decrease your intake of simple carbohydrates like white sugar, white rice and white bread.

Excessive and Improper exercise

Prolonged exercise is actually bad because it shifts your bodies metabolism into catabolic and this will actually damage your muscles and body’s metabolic functions. Shorter bursts of a more intense workout would work best in targeting fats in unwanted areas.