Easy Steps to Get Rid of Cellulite

Calypso   March 4, 2016   Comments Off on Easy Steps to Get Rid of Cellulite

Unfortunately, cellulite has become a very difficult problem to solve in the weight loss arena. Cellulite are cells of fat which have basically bulged into the middlemost layer of the skin, which is your dermis.

I found out that ninety percent of Women have cellulite. According to a medical experts, cellulite create an unpleasant and unappealing rumpled skin surface.

The areas that are most targeted by cellulite are usually the backs of thighs.

I also found out from my researches that the sooner you can start your treatment to remove it, the greater your success of eliminating cellulite.

In order to treat cellulite, I recommend that you create a plan to help rehydrate your cells and strengthen your body’s system.

Here a few things that I would recommend:

1. Start on a home detoxification diet. This means eating foods that are healthy like fruits and vegetables, choosing organic foods when possible.

2. Cut off junk food in your diet, processed goods and saturated fats such as butter and animal fats.

3. Don’t smoke tobacco and cigarettes and avoid drinking alcohol which are toxins in your body. You may be surprised by this, but, marijuana may be useful. Get yourself a rosin press and squeeze out the oil from the buds. Then, all you have to do is rub it on your cellulite and it’ll vastly improve the area.

4. Consume large amounts of fluids to rehydrate your body and remove dangerous compounds in your body. Consume 8 to 10 glasses per day.

5. Studies show that brushing your skin will help unclog the flow of blood and lymph vessels promoting new cell growth and removes dead skin cells. It is another inexpensive way of detoxifying your body.

6. Keep up with your ideal body weight.

7. Supplement your diet with Glucosamine tablets because these can assist in repairing the middle layer of your skin and your connective tissues.

8. Take a bath using a soothing, lukewarm bath in seaweed to promote mineralization and increase circulation of your blood. Do this 3x a week.

9. Don’t consider liposuction because it can actually make your problem worse.

10. You must not do massages using high-pressure because these can damage your lymphatic function and the micro-circulation of your blood. Avoid strenuous exercises as well.