How to get rock hard abs Fast

Calypso   July 2, 2015   Comments Off on How to get rock hard abs Fast

You see them everywhere, you them in beaches, movies, and in most celebrities. Does getting rock hard abs limited to a few individuals only? I believe not. Read on to find out more on how to get rock hard abs.

To get six pack abs is a misnomer, you already have it. But, it’s either underdeveloped (small muscles) or they are covered with fat.

What we have to consider first is to remove the fat (belly fat) that is covering your midsection.

Working out your abs would not in anyway show your six pack abs if there are layers and layers of fat covering it.

We must therefore lose fat first then work on our way of building a six pack abs.

Developing rock hard abs is not limited to genetically gifted individuals but to people who are willing to take action.

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Steps to make to get hard rock abs.

1. You need to lose fat and set your target weight. Lose only about a pound per week. It is unfortunate to consider losing fat in the midsection because you would need to shed your body fat because it cannot be targeted.

As a general rule, if you need to lose 1 lb of body fat, you would then need to lose 3,500 calories from your intake. I suggest that you decrease your caloric intake daily of 500 calories a day. And if you have continued it you would have lost a pound in 1 week.

2. Exercise on an empty stomach. Doing anaerobic exercise at your optimal fat burning zone will hasten your fat loss. Optimal fat burning is when your heart rate is at a constant rate. It has been found out that this allows 2 methods of fat burning from 2 sources:

The first source is stored body fat *Important in removing fat in unwanted body areas.

The second source is glycogen (this is the one that is converted and packagedĀ as carbohydrates.)