Welcome everyone !

I’ve set up this website as a guide to anyone who wants to lose fat and build muscle fast! I know how to build muscle lose fat in 30 days or less.

I know how it feels like to be fat and ridiculed. When I was still fat, whenever I go to the mall, I feel like that everybody is staring at me. I was so embarrassed that I was afraid to ask out a girl for a date when I was in High School.

After so many frustrations with dieting and exercise, I almost gave up. I read and researched, tested almost every weight loss product in the market. Some would provide results and some would even add to my weight. I was wondering what was wrong, I often asked myself how can I build muscle and lose fat the easy way?

Then I was able to watch “the Secret” and learned all about the law of attraction.

I discovered why I was not getting slim and building the body I like, It was because subconsciously I wasn’t ATTRACTING the BODY I Want!!!

It almost blew me off my feet completely and sent goosebumps all over me. That’s it. I needed to believe to imagine, visualize and FEEL the body that I want! It’s that simple.

What happened next was phenomenal. I felt that I was able to keep up with the routines. I followed the diet plans religiously. I diligently avoided foods that I knew would turn into fats in my body.

I literally had a mindset determined to succeed. And then, I was able find”GREAT” products that has delivered results. I was able to find products that would really provide the results I needed.

Because of my great success, friends and relatives have asked me how and what did I do to achieve this body.

I told them that it’s simple but they have to believe it first.

I suggested that they watch the DVD, “the secret” because it could help them achieve greater success in life not only in the field of weight loss and muscle building.

Along the way, I have “attracted” great tips, advices and workout routines that I have used to help my friends and relatives solve their weight loss problems too.