Let’s Compare the Best Marketplaces for Selling Electronics Online in 2018

When it comes to selling online, the majority of people always end up going to either eBay or Amazon in order to sell their goods, and the same is especially true for people selling electronics. Whether you are running an actual business or are just selling electronics that you don’t use anymore, these two online marketplaces are the two main competitors. And while both of them have some great advantages to them, they also come with some negative sides so in this article we will compare the two and try to help you figure out which one is the best choice when you want to sell electronics online.

Sales format

Both of these sites are known for using two different types of sales formats. EBay is mostly known for the fact that the sales go in an auction format and they are usually the best way to get great market value for items that are used, vintage or collectables. Amazon, on the other hand, is the best place to sell new products and the sales format here is a fixed price that is set up by the seller, and this fixed price is something that eBay has also started to move towards. The bottom line here is that they are both tied because they serve different purposes. So if you’re selling used electronics then go for eBay auctions and if they are new electronic devices, go for the fixed prices on Amazon.

Stability of the platform

Change is something that a lot of people don’t appreciate when selling online, and when you want to sell electronics online this is something that you should consider. The great thing about Amazon is the fact that they rarely make any major changes, and even the changes that they do make are nothing compared to all of the changes that eBay constantly makes. EBay has been known to make several major changes a year including things like Feedback, fees, search results, detailed seller ratings and so on, and all of these things are essential to the way that you would work on the platform. This one definitely goes to Amazon in terms of advantage because it will give you a smoother experience in terms of working and that is really important.

Market Share

It used to be the case that eBay practically dominated the online shopping market in every sense of the word. However, over the last few years that has changed and now Amazon is the dominating online marketplace. Because Amazon has been getting the votes for most trusted shopping website on the internet, that means that you will be able to reach a wider audience using Amazon when selling your electronics and that also simply means that you will find yourself selling more and making a bigger profit when using this platform.

As you can see Amazon seems to have completely take over the lead over eBay and has become the leading choice for anyone that wants to sell electronics online. However, even with this evidence we still believe that it really depends on what kind of electronics you are selling, so we recommend that you keep that in mind when making your final choice.