Lose Those Man Boobs!

Calypso   October 25, 2015   Comments Off on Lose Those Man Boobs!

I know the feeling of being embarrassed by friends and relatives that I have man boobs. I wanted to know how to loose man boobs permanently! Whenever we went for a swimming or I have to take my shirt off I would rather die than continue being humiliated.

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of man boobs. We shall show you here some of the best ways to lose man boobs.

Four major concerns

1. Balanced Hormone levels
2. Diet
3. Chest Exercise
4. Cardio Workouts

Most of the fat that transfers to our chest are from foods that bring in too much cholesterol in our body. These includes cheeseburgers, fries, hotdogs, steaks, beefs, porks and foods with high sugar content.

Balanced Hormonal levels

Hormones are the main reason why some thin persons have man boobs. In order to loose man boobs, you need to maintain and control your hormonal levels. Testosterone is good, while you are at your 20s you have lots of it. When you get older, you may develop gynecomastia if your testosterone levels drops.

You would then need to increase this hormone and watch out for dangerous hormones that could actually increase the size of your man boobs.

Learn Anaerobic Exercises

There are many exercises and training available to get rid of man boobs. But probably the best starter exercise to begin with is the incline bench press.

The incline bench press is very good in getting rid of chest fat because it is targeted to this muscle group, the pectorals muscles.

Instructions in performing the inclined bench press. First and foremost make sure you have properly prepared yourself together with the proper equipment and guide to help you.

You have to comfortably lie on your back lying on the incline bench. Carefully, dismount the barbell from the rack using a wide oblique overhand grip.

Slowly lift the barbell and extend arms. Repeat. Stop when you cannot lift the weights anymore. Hold and extend your arms for a few seconds and slowly return the barbell back to the rack.

Take note that the grip should not be too wide.

Add Turmeric into your Diet

Turmeric is an Indian spice that has been proven to have an anti-tumor and antioxidant effect to your body. Unlike most foods, Turmeric has been proven to target and eliminate fat from your body.

Avoid simple sugars in your diet.

In order to learn how to loose man boobs, you need to cut on your intake of simple carbohydrates like white sugar, white rice and white bread. They increase the chance of these foods turning into fat.

Have 3 meals and 3 snacks a day

Increasing your intake and dividing your meals speeds up your metabolism. This will generally increase the consumption and burning of fats in your body and will decrease your chance of storing body fat.

Avoid Long Cardio workouts

Long cardio workouts are actually counterproductive because it releases hormones that are not beneficial into burning fats. This hormones cortisol and progesterone are actually bad hormones and will increase your bodies storage of fat.

Shorter More Rigorous cardio exercise is Best

Having been said that shorter exercises are more advantageous. It is best to engage in some sort of sports activity because these activities promote the start/stop activity that will help speed up your metabolism.

I wanted to show you how to loose man boobs permanently and I hope that you will encounter the same results with me. Good luck.