Selling Cosmetics-How You Can Increase Cosmetic Sells at a Department Store

You find that cosmetics are one of the biggest money makers in many department stores around the globe. In most cases, you will find that they have either been placed at the center or placed in front of most stores so that anyone who walks into the store will have to pass by the cosmetic counter first. Why they do so is because everyone walking in is a potential customer, and it is, therefore, the duty of the people working there to sell them a nice package that will cater for all of their cosmetic needs. Frankly speaking, not everyone likes cosmetics or is the idea of buying cosmetics, so it may prove tougher than you might have thought before. However, if you have the confidence needed and some few tried tricks and true methods, you will find it easy selling cosmetics.

v Always be welcoming

 Just like any other kind of sales, being friendly is one of the most important components that will help you establish a good rapport with your prospective clients. Nothing is more “friendly” than a person wearing a warm smile. It helps to attract a customer who would have nevertheless just passed by without showing any interest.

v You need to be assertive

Whenever you spot a prospective buyer entering the store, be sure to maintain eye contact with them. Be at ease with him and great him without much hesitation. If you do so, you would have already established a good report with that prospective customer.

v Offer a range of products

 After you have caught the attention of the prospective buyer, it is now time to determine what they are interested in. Offer them not just one product but a sample of them, because people have different needs and not the ones you might be thinking of, let them select for themselves. A woman might be interested in lipstick while the other might be interested in a foundation, bring all of them because you don’t know their type yet. The same case with men, others prefer cologne while others like a moisturizer.

v Make a follow up

In most cases, the prospective buyers will try to walk away from your story but don’t always give up much faster. Try to persuade them to at least have a taste of what you’re offering them. If he agrees to try it, then he or she is likely to buy it. And if he seems not interested in that particular product, have an alternative already in your hands.